Dour Festival 2023

Thee Marvin Gays

BEL (Tournai)

Thee Marvin Gays is a chunk guitar violence homegrown. The foursome from Tournai is adept possessed garage rock with a high soundlevel. With songs already sound like instant classics garage can also across national boundaries (and even on the Great Lake) count on good reviews. Thee Marvin Gays practice a type of garage punk with poppy accents as we know from Black Lips. Furthermore, we also hear influences of The Monks, The Seeds and the recent West Coast psychedelia of Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees. Thee Marvin Gays sound like a Nuggets compilation, played on elevated pitch. Generous in reverb drenched guitars and vocals uncomplicated by a very tight rhythm section in the pass held. Lo-fi as we like it ! Fresh, charming and a wonderful sincerity !


  • garage
  • rock
  • punk