Dour Festival 2023


FRA (Paris)

Acheiving reknown following the hit « U-Turn (Lila), the Parisian duo of AaRON is back for the second time at Dour Festival 2011 Following a first, double-platinum album, their singer Simon Bure and the button-twiddler Olivier Coursier have plunged us back into their pool of ethereal, atmospheric rock with their second opus ‘Birds in the Storm’ (2010). A metaphor for continuing to fly against furious winds, the album sounds cathartic, and necessary. Following several imminent big dates (at Le Trianon, Forest National, Zenith de Paris), AaRON will launch into a tour of the most prestigious Francophone festivals: Printemps de Bourges, Francos de La Rochelle… and not to forget, the 23rd Dour Festival!


  • indie
  • indie rock
  • pop
  • rock
  • indie pop
  • french


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